Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Richard loved it!

Allison will be on her way home to Colorado!
Yvonne and Michael will be along for the drive!

Gilbert is doing great and so kyrie and my Tiny granddog!

Simba of course is the Lion King at our home - he is our #1 DOG!

Things are going great - life is good, plenty of challenges and
we are so thankful for them and our blessings.

Richard visits the doctor Friday - so stay tuned for progress reports!

Blessings to all!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

On the Road Again!

Greetings Folks!
Richard has returned from a weeklong reunion with
MaryEvelyn from Houston, Mimi and Hope from San Antonio,
Sonny and Veronika from Indiana, Hosts with the MOST
(love and kindness) Marvin and Gloria Sasser.
They all had super fun reminiscing about their good times
as the younger Ponce Clan childhood. Singing and Dancing
to the Mariachi Music and Good old classic Country Music.
The timeshare located in Orlando was big enough to house
the entire clan is need be - the nine present had a blast!

Richard and I are off to Gainsville to clean up one of our properties
and have ready for the next tenant.
It is a new home built last Summer, typricall 3bedroom, two bath
two car garage - what is so unique about this property that for us
living in super populated high density St. Petersburg - having
an acre and a half to roam is only a dream!
Good property only twenty five minutes to the University to Florida
(watch out that is GATOR Country).
We leave tomorrow and return the same day as we are off to
Sanibel Island to spend two days with my lifetime buddy
my long time childhood friend - Pam Brown!
Yes, Sanible is Gorgeous and that is where I chose to celebrate
my 50th Birthday for a week a little while ago.

What I value most is the location But not as much as the opportunity
to spend time with my childhood long lasting friend. We have been
buds since the 5th GRADE!

Praying you are all doing well!
This is the PONCE POST!
Let us know what exciting events are going on in your lives!

Happy Ponce Family Reunion in Orlando!

Richard's twin sister's gracious, kind and sweet Gloria Sasser and Hope Ponce
were an absolute delight in hosting the week of
August 10-17 in Kissimmee, FL for the younger Ponce Clan.

Present at the time share sharing wonderful memories
were, Sonny(baby brother celebrating 66th Birthday August 11) and
his lovely bride and super talented singer, linguist, baker, cook and
champion of the underprivileged in Indiana and one of the most
pleasant persons you will ever want to meet ---
Veronika Ponce!

My other two great sister in law's Mimi Limon from San Antonio (who
I was informed did her brother Richard's laundry with out a thought -
like she always had taken care of Richard when they were younger and
Richard could not get over how kind and thoughtful Mimi was towards
Him). Mimi brought a delicious blueberry bread and banana bread loaf.
I wolfed down most of the blueberry bread - it was soooooooooo good.

Mary Evelyn - tall and graceful dancer was in good form - dancing
the nights away to the Mariachi music we all listened and sang along
in sweet harmony.

Noches inolvidables. Happy memories, happy times. The young
Ponce Clan is so much fun to be fun !! God Bless each and every one
of my in laws!